After ten years in advertising and marketing, Bridgette Mongeon decided to find out what made creative people creative. Her discoveries have led her to the right brain techniques that have helped her to tap into her creativity and lead others to understand and find their own creativity within themselves. "Creativity is not just for artists. We all need to be creative. We may know the tools and processes of our trade, but it is creativity that our employers relish!"

Recent research points to the fact that creativity goes hand in hand with physical and emotional healing. Ms. Mongeon enjoys the added benefit of assisting others in finding their creativity while perhaps accessing the needed tools for physical and mental well-being.

A writer and painter, as well as a noted sculptor of such celebrities as B. B. King, Bill Monroe and Willie Nelson, Ms. Mongeon enjoys accessing her own creativity through these mediums. She is a noted speaker and educator of many facets of creativity and serves as the director of Express Yourself an educational program made possible through private, corporate and government funding. Express Yourself was developed to increase the awareness and accessibility of creativity to adults and children.

Ms. Mongeon speaks to organizations, civic clubs, universities and businesses. She also works with individuals and groups to help them think creatively and to tap into their creative and expressive side. Below is a list of topics that Ms. Mongeon speaks about. If you are interested in something that is not listed, please give her a call.

Posthumous Sculpture
Ms. Mongeon is completing her book “Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased- A Sculptor’s Journey. The book is an intimate look at the journey of an artist as she documents the creation of three posthumous sculpture commissions and examines the question, “How do I capture the essence of someone I have never met.” This lecture discusses emotion in art, posthumous sculpture and the science behind her second question, “Is there communication between myself and the deceased.”

Art and the Garden
Garden art is more than sculptures. Gardening in itself can be creative, the plants are the brushes and the yard is the canvas. In this lecture Ms. Mongeon talks about mixing color, texture as well as architectural and found objects.

Care of Bronzes
Bronze sculpture is an investment. Ms. Mongeon discusses the care and cleaning of bronze sculpture, including how to help protect your outdoor pieces from the environment.

Creativity and Business

It is possible to change the way we think and the outcome of this can change our business. Ms. Mongeon presents creative exercises and scientific studies that prove we can affect our lives and the outcome by the way we think.

Creativity and Health
Once again there is scientific documentation that states that our emotions and the expression of them can affect our health. Ms. Mongeon presents some of this research as well as things we can do to help our own health.

Creativity and Spirituality
As a Christian Ms. Mongeon has spent a great deal of time reading the bible as well as studying creativity. She found many parallels comparing those who felt a direction by God and those who have experience the scientifically documented steps of creativity.

Creativity and Children, Creativity and Education, Please Help my Child Learn

In these three lectures Ms. Mongeon shares the many examples of famous people in history and the difficulty they had in school. "I remember I used to never get along in school... I almost decided that I was a dunce." Thomas Edison.

Learning styles of children are also discussed. It is imperative that every parent know the learning styles of their children and how they can help them learn. We are all different, and learn differently. Ms. Mongeon not only discusses these differences with parents, teachers, and educators, but also gives them tools to assist each individual.

"What if imagination and art are not the frosting at all,
but the fountainhead of human experience!"

Rollo May

If you would like to have Ms. Mongeon speak to your organization fill in the contact artist form.

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