Bronze Life-size Newsboy Sculpture

Bronze life-size Newsboy sculpture


Texas Sculptor- Bridgette Mongeon has created a life-size limited edition bronze sculpture of a 1920’s newsboy.  The sculpture was originally commissioned by the Texas Press Association and intended for the State Capitol building in Austin, Texas.  It is a limited edition of ten. As of March 2007 eight are left in the edition for purchase. 

For a small additional fee the artist can change the masthead and headline of the bronze newspapers to reflect any headline in the history of your local paper and community, making your newsboy original and different from all the rest in the edition. This was done for number two in the edition, purchased by the son of a newspaper publisher. The artist created with the Newsboys paper simulating the year his father's paper won the Pulitzer Prize!

The cost of the Newsboy is *$20,000. There is an additional fee of $2,000 if you desire the bronze newspaper to reflect your newspaper’s history.

Turn around time on the bronze newsboy complete with your newspaper’s history is approximately four to eight months. 

There are more views of the newsboy sculpture available for your viewing in the Newsboy Gallery

A small newsboy is also available making a great gift for anyone in the newspaper industry.  It is a limited edition of 100. The size of the bronze is approximately 12” tall mounted on a 2” wooden base with brass plaque.  The cost of the small bronze newsboy is $1,350. *

For more information contact the artist at 713-699-1739 or by mail at P.O. Box 10562 Houston, Texas 77206.  You can also fill out the artists contact form to request information about the availability of the sculptures. 

*Prices do not reflect shipping, installation or taxes if applicable.

The artist created an online journal of the entire eight-month process of sculpting the newsboy complete with an educational section for teachers. The journal not only documents the process of research, sculpting and bronze casting but also includes such things as the importance of the newsboy in the history of America and other educational facts and links.

The documentation can be found in the artist's Newsboy Journal
And the archive of the entire process can be found in the Journal Archive.

The Jesse AwardAWARDS
The Newsboy is not Mongeon’s only newspaper related art sculpture. She was also commissioned by the Houston Chronicle to create a small sculpture of Jesse Jones that is given as The Jesse Award to outstanding individuals at the Houston Chronicle. This is not available for purchase; however, you may be interested in talking to the artist about creating an award for your organization or newspaper.

To see other views of both the small and life size sculpture visit the Newsboy Gallery.

To learn the headlines that have been carved in history and see where the other Newsboy sculptures are placed visit the Newsboy Edition Page.

There is a Online Newsboy Journal created by the artist that depicts the entire eight month process. Complete with educational material for students and teachers. Curriculum is available upon request.

If you would like a press release about Ms. Mongeon and her carving history with the Newsboy headlines please feel free to utilize The Press Release/Story for The Newsboy. Any photographs that are found on the site may be used. If higher resolution photographs are needed contact the artist. Please send a copy of your story to the artist at P.O. Box 10562, Houston, Texas 77018, or send a link to the online story to the artist's e-mail address.

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