Publicity Received for Bridgette Mongeon

Below is a partial list of publicity received by Bridgette Mongeon. Some of the articles and transcripts are available for viewing by clicking the links below. If you would like to receive a press kit or would like to interview Ms. Mongeon contact the artist or her publicist by filling in the contact form.

Sculpting the Deceased
- Fox News Houston, October 2007
Live with Chuck and Jenni - Family net TV, November, 2001.
Sculptor Captures Children - A. M. Buffalo (ABC Affiliate, New York) September 8, 1999.
Creative Possibilities - Celebrate Houston, September, 10, 1999.
Garden Art Follow Up - Hats of 2 Houston, September 1997.
Garden Art - Hats of 2 Houston, September 1996.
Making a Living While Living a Dream - Houston Public Broadcasting. This segment won Best Artist Documentary

Beauty for Ashes: The Inspired Art of Bridgette Mongeon
- A Time To Love Magazine March 2009
24/7 with Bridgette Mongeon - Skirt Magazine, March 2008
Newspaper Headlines Carved in Bronze - Arkansas Publisher Weekly, March 22, 2007
Bringing to Life the Spirit of The Deceased - A Sculptor’s Journey, A Lecture by Bridgette Mongeon.
   News Perspective, Montpelier, Vermont, October 2006.
Hathaway Sculpture Fund - The World, Vermont Today, November 2006.
Austin’s Newsboy Statue –, John Troessner, 2005.
Artist Searches for Models - GiftWare News, August 2000.
Call for Children - GiftWare News, July 2000.
Africa Trip - MarketPlace, July 2000.
Africa Trip - Inspirational Gifts, July 2000.
Africa Trip - Christian Retailing, July 2000.
Artist Comes to Africa to Help Missions - Finesse - South Africa, March 2000.
Se Buscan Ninos Latinos Para Esculturas Translation: Search for Latin Children for Sculptures
    Vida Cristiana September 1999.
Artist Selects Winning Retail Entries - Inspirational Giftware, July 1999, Rhonda Scholar.
Artist Searches for Children to Sculpt - Inspirational Giftware, March 1999, Rhonda Scholar.

Tabor City "Billy" Honors Paper's Crusading Publisher - The North Carolina Press, August 2007
Historical Headlines Being Carved in Bronze - Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, March 22, 2007
A Sculptor's Journey: Searching for Dick Hathaway and Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased
   Time Argus, Montpelier, Vermont, October 27, 2006
Sculpture of Dick Hathaway Donated to T.W. Woods Gallery - Vermont College Newsletter Fall/Winter, 2006
A Fitting Tribute Union Institute and University Alumni Newsletter, 2006
Extra, Extra, Read All About It - by Bridgette Mongeon Houston Tribune, October 2004.
EXTRA! EXTRA! TPA revives newsboy in commemorative statue Messenger Online, September 2004.
Newsboy Sculpture Celebrates our History Wanda Garner Cash—Random Thoughts, September 2004.
Call for Children - Chronicle This Week, May/June 2000.
Call for Children - 1960 Sun, May/June 2000.
Sculptor Returns Looking for Subjects - Kenmore Record, August 30, 1999, New York, Steve Trask.
Sculptor Returns Looking for Subjects - Tonawanda News, August 30, 1999, New York, Steve Trask.
Sculpture -Artist Finds Peace in Pieces - Amherst Bee, New York, September 9, 1999, Amy Masterson.
Sculptor Breathes Life into Art - Houston Chronicle, Texas, January 1, 1997, Nancy A. Dean.
Sculptress Conveys Love of Children - Southwest Sun, August 15, 1996, Lance Laskosky
Sculpting the Famous - Chattanooga News Free Press, Tennessee- August 26, 1990, Ann Nichols.
Local Artist Captures Life in its Fullest – Houston Tribune, July 1989, Dan Nester.

Bridgette Mongeon Shares Tips to Work At Home Moms The CWAHM Network. May 5, 2009
Bridgette Mongeon's Studio- Reall Life Real Moments. January 9, 2009
Marketing Your Passion and Your Business With Audio and Video- with Bridgette Mongeon
Marketing with Audio and Video February 16, 2009
Business Success Through Your Creativity- An Interview with Bridgette Mongeon
Solo Talk April 10, 2009
Newsboy in Bronze -Nevada Press Blog, April 20 2007
Help Bring Dick Back to the Wood - TW Woods Gallery
Sculpture of Dick Hathaway Donated to the TW Woods Vermont College Undergraduate Program Newsletter
   Fall/Winter 2006
A Fitting Tribute Union Institute and University Alumni Association

"I see the world in the face of the elderly and the heavens in the face of a child."
Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

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