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August 26, 2004-The News
I receive the information that I have been awarded the commission of the Newsboy for the Texas Press Association. In this journal entry I share some of passion for sculpting children and the photo of the Jesse Award created for the Houston Chronicle

August 27-30, 2004-Thoughts on the Project
• The beginning of the thought process concerning the sculpture
Students learn about • The difference between newsboy and news carrier
• The death of a newsboy • The history of newsboys in America and the Spanish American War

August 31, 2004-How I Pick a Pose
• An artist's reference, Picking a pose
Students learn about • The call of the newsboy events that happened in the last 125 years.

Sept 2, 2004-The Meeting
• Meeting with the Texas Press Association • Deciding on a pose
Students learn about • History of the lost wax method

September 5-7, 2004-Beginning the Small Sculpture
• Working with a model and roughing in the small newsboy sculpture
Students learn about • The history of knickers

September 8-10, 2004-The Sculpting of the Small Newsboy
• Roughing in the face of the small newsboy
Students learn about • Scaling a sculpture • 3D figures of sculptures

September 11-17, 2004-More Research on Clothes
and Sculpting of the Newsboy

• Researching newsboy outfit, zippers, and suspenders.
Students learn about • The newsboy strike of 1899 • the history of the zipper

September 18-26, 2004-A Sewing Pattern for Knickers
and Sculpting Continues

• Roughing in the small newsboy, finding a vintage 1929 newsboy clothing pattern
Students learn about• How artists use proportion and measurements.

September 27-October 3, 2004-The Creative Process
• Article Printed in the tribune • International newspaper carrier day
• Creative thinking process
Students learn about • History of the sewing machine
• Sewing a 1929 pattern for the newsboy

October 4-11, 2004-
Sculpting Tricks and More Research

• Sculpting tricks
Students learn about • Motivation with their art

October 11-18, 2004-
Sewing a Vintage Outfit From An Old Pattern

• Sewing the outfit for the model • The final pose
Students learn about • Leisure time of a newsboy • Old toys

October 19-25, 2004-
The Finished Small Newsboy Sculpture

• Finishing the small sculpture • Receiving approval
Students learn about • The importance of folds and how to create them.

October 25- November 1, 2004-
Preparing the small Sculpture for the Foundry

• Preparing the small newsboy sculpture for the foundry
• A visit to the capitol building
Students learn about • Elizabet Ney and the history of Texas art • The Texas State Capitol building.

November 2-8, 2004-
Reviewing the Process of Creating
an Original Work of Art

• A review of the previous three months of progress.
• Information about copyrights and limited edition bronzes
Students learn about • Copyrights

November 9-12, 2004-
The Beginning of the Sculpting
on the Life-size Newsboy

• Beginning of the life size newsboy sculpture • Creating the armature
Students learn about • The Penny Press • Yellow Journalism • Newspaper production at the time period of our newsboy

November 13-21, 2004-
The Beginning of the Sculpting
on the Life-size Newsboy cont.

• Roughing in the large newsboy sculpture.
Students learn about • How to enlarge a sculpture

November 29- December 6, 2004 -
The Future Journey of our Newsboy
• The future journey of our newsboy
Students learn about • The State Preservation Board
• The Texas Capitol building
• Texas Legislature • The Texas Senate

December 7 - December 13, 2004-
Frustration and the Creative Process

• The future journey of our newsboy
Students learn about • Newsboy Strike
• The zipper

December 14 - December 21, 2004-
The Morphing of a Sculpture

December 22 - December 27, 2004
-Working Through the Holidays

December 28- January 3, 2004-
Huge strides in the life size sculpture

January 3-10, 2005-
Now We are Getting There
First small newsboy bronze • Head is added to the life size sculpture

January 11-17, 2005-
Details on Life-size Sculpture Come Together

January 18-21, 2005-
Adding the Hand to the Life-size Sculpture and
Sculpting a Newspaper

January 22-29, 2005-
Sculpting is Complete on the Life-size Newsboy

January 31-February 7, 2005-
The Mold Making Process

February 8-14, 2005
Mold Making Rubber and Fiberglass

February 15-21, 2005-
Pouring the Wax

February 22-28, 2005-
Working the Wax

March 1-7, 2005-
The Dip

March 8-15,2005-
The Metal Pour
Students learn about
The Bronze Casting Process

March 16-April 11, 2005-
Putting the Metal Together

April 12-May, 2005-
Correcting the Metal

May 2005-
Completion of the Newsboy Sculpture

May 2005- Present-
The edition of ten

The placement of the first in the edition of ten life-size bronze Newsboys and the remaining sculptures as purchased complete with their headlines changed to reflect times in history.


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