Interview Topics-God's Word Collectible Sculptures

james 5:16 sculptureSUMMARY
Renowned artist and sculptor, Bridgette Mongeon, has lovingly created a series of collectible sculptures that captures the essence of what God's Word means to her.

Each sculpture captures the moment in which a child first experiences the wisdom of God. Bringing to mind our own first moments with God.

Each exquisitely detailed piece is a collection of soft shapes and rich textures that delight the senses. The focus of each sculpture is the power of God's Word itself, a bible verse that speaks to all of us.

Included with each hand crafted piece is greeting card printed with the full scripture and an envelope, also included is a personal note from the artist in which she shares how God has made each scripture real in her life.

• The God's Word Collectable series is becoming very popular, why are people collecting them?
• Understanding the intricacies of sculpture tell us how God has shaped your life?
• Where do the ideas for the God's Word sculpture series come from?
• Which God's Word pieces are your favorites?
• Some of the pieces of the God's Word collectable series were birthed through your own personal tragedy. Please share with us the meaning behind those sculptures?
• Many of the sculptures are made with the likeness of real children. How can members of our audience have the chance of having their children considered for a God's Word collectable sculpture?


• Numerous photos
• Video footage of the artist at work
• Web
• God's Word sculptures for display and to give to members of the audience.
• A Call For Children offering a member of your audience the opportunity of having their loved one captured in a God's word collectable sculpture

“In our pilgrimage on this earth we sometimes fail to see,
All who the Lord touches through us in simple words and deeds.”

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

Contact the Artist or her Publicist
If you are interested in interviewing the artist or need further information you can contact her or her publicist, Jessica Brown through the online contact form or by calling 713-699-1739. Mailed correspondence can be sent to Bridgette Mongeon, PO Box 10562, Houston, Texas 77206

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