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Artist works with childrenSUMMARY
Each year Bridgette Mongeon, sculptor and owner of God's Word Collectables, chooses one or two nonprofit organizations for which she creates a sculpture to help with fund raising. Maretha Maartens, editor of Finesse Magazine in South Africa, heard the sculptor¹s Call for Organizations and invited Mongeon and her daughter, Christina Diliberto, to visit the three South African missions they support. Maartens' hope was that Ms. Mongeon would consider one mission for this fund raising effort. The result has been inspiring for all. The final choice for a mission was Tabitha Services for Children at Risk (TSCR). TSCR works with children in the squatters camps and those abandoned because of aids.

Ms. Mongeon has extended her support beyond the sculpture, helping to spread the word of the needs of the children in South Africa. She has also been invited to sit on the board of a new organization that is being developed to help with the children who are being trying to find sponsors for educationdisplaced by the African AIDS epidemic.

She encourages others to get involved and has assisted in the the following areas:

Web site-A web site has been created depicting the needs and information of each mission that was visited as well as a description of some of the programs below.

Pen Pals- Ms. Mongeon encourages adults and children to be teamed up with a Christian in South Africa. Agreeing to correspond with their pen pal and pray for them. Pen pals can also send care packages

Educational Sponsors- School is not free in South Africa and the children are often beaten if they do not have their monthly fees. Ms. Mongeon is looking for ongoing sponsors for each child.

Book Drive- The children do not have access to books, individuals are encouraged to send reading material.

Quilt Project- Ms. Mongeon is working with the leaders of the missions in having them send quilt squares that are created by individuals at the missions. She is also looking for volunteers in American to put these squares together into quilts that will be auctioned off on the God¹s Word web site. The proceeds will go directly to the missions.

• Did you come in contact with Black Magic while in South Africa?
• How can people in American become involved with a mission as far away as South Africa?
• How was your daughter effected by this trip to South Africa and by what she saw?
• Was there a time, while on this missionary journey that your safety was in jeopardy? RESOURCES


• Numerous photos and slides of Africa
•Sculpture of children created for fundraiser
• Web
• Phone conversation with director of missions in South Africa

“In our pilgrimage on this earth we sometimes fail to see,
all who the Lord touches through us in simple words and deeds.”

Bridgette Mongeon

Contact the Artist or her Publicist
If you are interested in interviewing the artist or need further information you can contact her or her publicist, Jessica Brown through the online contact form or by calling 713-699-1739. Mailed correspondence can be sent to Bridgette Mongeon, PO Box 10562, Houston, Texas 77206

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