Interview Topics-Sculptor of Entertainers, Children and Pets

Sculptor and B. B. King

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon is known for her sculptures of such entertainers as B. B. King Willie Nelson and Bill Monroe as well as her numerous portrait sculptures of children and pets.

Ms. Mongeon breathes life into clay and bronze. Believing a portrait is more than a likeness; it is capturing the spirit and essence of each person. Her work is sought out by collectors and cherished as family heirlooms.

Ms. Mongeon worked in the field of advertising for many years. Nearly twenty years ago, on a vacation, she began sculpting on the beach in the sand. From that moment it became a passion.

Gone to the Dogs
Capturing the personality of a subject is the same no matter if it is human of canine. Ms. Mongeon is often asked to sculpt the family pet. Sometimes she will capture a scene incorporating both pet and owner.

• Was the transition into sculpture from advertising a smooth one?
• Who was your favorite entertainer to sculpt?
• Is it difficult sculpting children, what if they don¹t sit still?
• What is the process of a commission sculpture?
• Do you sculpt in memory of someone who is Sculptor and Willie Nelsonno longer with us?
• Were can we see some more of your work?
• Does the process take a long time?

• Photos
• Video footage
• Sculptures
• Photos of the entertainers and their sculpture
• Artists Internet Web page

"While sculpting B. B. King I told him 'I'll have to touch you during the sitting.' Sometimes people have a difficulty when you touch their face. B. B. King replied "Darling, you are already touching me." I blushed, and looked at the calipers that were in my lap. He could see my confusion and slight embarrassment. 'It's your thigh,' Mr. King replied, 'your thigh is against my thigh and believe me the thrill is not gone.'"
Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

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