Below you will find information on the workshops Marketing Yourself As An Artist, Marketing on a Shoestring, and the Express Yourself Program. If you would like further information or information on costs of these programs please contact the artist.

Marketing Yourself as an Artist &
Marketing on a Shoestring

"This workshop is a necessity for every practicing artist and student.
I commend Ms. Mongeon on the development of such a resource. "

Professor David Hickman University of Houston
Former President-Houston Society of Illustrators

Whether you are a small business owner, an artist or a want-to-be entrepreneur, marketing yourself is never easy. Artist, writer and speaker Bridgette Mongeon spent twelve years working in the field of advertising. She gained access to many creative marketing and public relations strategies, which are not readily available to most individuals.

She left advertising to pursue a career with her own creative endeavors of sculpting writing, and speaking. She found the resource, tricks and training, acquired in her past career invaluable to her in reaching her new goals.

Ms. Mongeon tailors this information for those working in a creative field, and for small business owners. This workshop gives participants the desire, direction and determination to achieve their goals, and helps them know how to do it on a shoe-string budget.

A seven-hour, one-day workshop is available for art organizations. The artist shares her many stories and tricks as she covers such topics as;

* Receiving press—including print and television
* Online marketing,
* Portfolios and presentations,
* Targeting your market,
* Free information and resources available to artists
* The artist also helps to define the barriers that we put upon ourselves that keep us from reaching our dreams.
* Attendees are also offered further assistance in marketing by posting on the artist forum.

Attendees leave with many different tools that they can utilize immediately. Tolls that will help them to “Make a living while living a dream.” This hands-on workshop is important for anyone working in the arts or can also be utilized for those working in a small business.

Contact the artist for available dates and costs. Ms. Mongeon will also share with your organization resources on how to market this workshop in your area and will help publicize your sponsorship through her own national exposure.

Read what other participants had to say about this workshop.

An overview of the topics covered.

Express Yourself!
Express Yourself has been presented to a variety of groups with incredible results. Corporations have funded the program for inner-city schools. Private schools have offered it to their student as well as therapy centers that specialize in working with troubled students.

Ms. Mongeon presents the participants with right brain techniques of expression to help them express their emotions in healthy ways, communicate, and build self-esteem.

This Workshop utilizes the right brain writing techniques developed by Gabriel Lusser Rico that help participants sort through thoughts, making it easier to write. All participants complete writings that are published into a book and distributed.

In the right brain drawing techniques students learn the "seeing" techniques created by Betty Edwards. The students marvel at their achievements in the before and after portraits created. An art gallery is presented for an Express Yourself evening.

Theater and communications games are often included, adding movement and voice to otherwise quiet disciplines of writing and drawing.

Review samples of participants' art and writings.

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