A Balancing Act

Sculpture Studio of Bridgette Mongeon
This is our sculpture studio in our back yard.
Downstairs is sculpting space upstairs office.
Love the 40′ commute

This weekend I learned to balance a ladder on a sloped 10-foot high roof, using a piece of foam on the roofing tiles to keep the ladder from
slipping. Then I proceeded to climb up another 9 feet to paint the dormers. Did I tell you I am afraid of heights? I was pretty proud of myself; I was walking around atop that roof like a regular roofer.

Staining handrails, painting the back of the building and trim, and trying to hang a French door were the goal of our weekend. I was very thankful to have my daughter pitch in on Sunday. This is where I wish I had 12 strong friends. I think we will have to do the drywall ourselves. We just don’t have it in the budget. It is a massive job that I am not looking forward to it. Today I am wiring the building for the phone, and packing and moving.

The building does look cute though. I still have to paint the stairs going up stairs, but trying to find 48 hours of drying time where no one can go up or down is almost impossible.

I’m also going to take photographs of all of the interior walls before the insulation. I have done this before on other projects. It is a handy thing to have when you are trying to figure out studs or wiring or plumbing in the future.

All in all the building and moving are coming along, but I am tired and sore most of the time and thought it is only 3 weeks away, it is hard to see myself through these last few weeks. Breathe, and proceed to the next thing and keep going until it is time for bed. That is all I can do. Breathe, Breathe.

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