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Bridgette Mongeon has a great deal of passion for many different things. Topics of interview range from 3D technology, fine art, literature, STEAM and STEM education and Bridgette's intimate spiritual side. Media calls her "a natural, a great interview," and she has often heard, "the camera loves you." She has, in the past, been the interviewer instead of the interviewee and media comes naturally for her. Below is some of the news on this artist and writer. If you would like to write an article, or interview the artist please feel free to fill in the contact form below. You can find Bridgette Mongeon's online media kit here.



Texas television station interviews Bridgette

"...An artist who has found a happy compromise between business and pleasure. Here is a look at proclaimed sculptor and entrepreneur Bridgette Mongeon. 

-PBS Houston

"This is absolutely breathtaking."

-Maggie Flecknoe CW39

"This thing is absolutely amazing."

-Ernie Manouse PBS Houston

Bridgette Mongeon will leave behind a legacy of comfort.
Her sculptures help parents through their darkest days.
And remind them of precious beautiful moments
she is honored to preserve.

-Texas Country Reporter






  • Bridgette Mongeon's 3D Printed and Cast Alice in Wonderland Sculpture Gets 3D Scanned. 3D Printing Media Network August 22, 2018
  • Meet Bridgette Mongeon Voyage Houston November 1, 2017
  • 3D Technology Is a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole for Artist Bridgette Mongeon 3D Printing Industry July 8, 2017
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    Women in 3D Printing. February 3, 2016
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  • Selling Art the the Funerary Market Arts Business Institute  April 9, 2012
  • Beauty for Ashes: The Inspired Art of Bridgette Mongeon - A Time To Love Magazine March 2009
  • 24/7 with Bridgette Mongeon - Skirt Magazine, March 2008
    Newspaper Headlines Carved in Bronze - Arkansas Publisher Weekly, March 22, 2007
  • Bringing to Life the Spirit of The Deceased - A Sculptor’s Journey, A Lecture by Bridgette Mongeon.
    News Perspective, Montpelier, Vermont, October 2006.
  • Hathaway Sculpture Fund - The World, Vermont Today, November 2006.
  • Austin’s Newsboy Statue, John Troessner, 2005.
  • Artist Searches for Models - GiftWare News, August 2000.
  • Call for Children - GiftWare News, July 2000.
  • Africa Trip - MarketPlace, July 2000.
  • Africa Trip - Inspirational Gifts, July 2000.
  • Africa Trip - Christian Retailing, July 2000.
  • Artist Comes to Africa to Help Missions - Finesse - South Africa, March 2000.
  • Se Buscan Ninos Latinos Para Esculturas Translation: Search for Latin Children for Sculptures
    Vida Cristiana September 1999.
  • Artist Selects Winning Retail Entries - Inspirational Giftware, July 1999, Rhonda Scholar.
  • Artist Searches for Children to Sculpt - Inspirational Giftware, March 1999, Rhonda Scholar.




Podcasts, Radio and Online Interviews with Bridgette Mongeon 

Texas Country reporter and Houston Artist Bridgette Mongeon
Texas Country Reporter interview 2014

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