Figurines offer a unique way to capture a memory. Often people can't afford a life size bronze, but they want to remember a moment or a stage of a child's growth in a sculpture.

Sometimes, awards begin as figurines. Cast in bronze or simulated bronze; they become personal to the giver and the receiver.
Figurines can also be sued to remember a pet or a person who has passed.

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Figurines Sculpture Highlights

Bridgette is a perpetual documenter and creates blog posts on many of her jobs. Click on the links below to see the category of blog posts referring to figurines.

bronze sculpture by Texas artist

Alice in Wonderland

Bridgette Mongeon created the monumental sculpture of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter Tea party title "Move One Place On." She also used digital technology to recreate it as a small table top bronze at both 10 and 14 inches high. This figurine is available for purchase.

Eve sculpture in Texas, with artist Bridgette Mongeon


Bridgette created Eve as a monumental sculpture, but she is also casting a small maquette in bronze. Follow along on this blog to understand the process of creating Eve- the Matriarch of matriarchs. This figurine is available as a limited edition for purchase.

bronze newsboy statue


The life size Newsboy sculpture created for the Texas Press Association also has a small bronze maquette. Follow this blog to see how the artist created this sculpture, and the educational material she developed for teachers. This figurine is available for purchase.

Figurine Statue Bridgette Mongeon Houston Texas Artist

Ultimate Frisbee

The client commissioned this sculpture as a gift for his son for graduation. His son played ultimate frisbee. This blog post talks about how the artist worked to find the perfect pose for this incredible graduation gift. This figurine is available for purchase.

Why a figurine?

Clients who commission figurines are looking for that special gift or piece of fine art that is personal—their child, dog, grandchild, or a particular scene that they remember. Bridgette also creates bronze figurines to honor people for their accomplishments. These small statues give you all the action and emotion of a life-size sculpture without the cost. Because the artist can recreate the image as a bronze, limited edition, figurines are an excellent investment for personal gifts. Casting multiples means other family members can add art to their collection.

What is the cost of figurine and How do I begin?

The figurine cost will depend on the number of characters, elements in the sculpture, and the size. Once the client and artist collaborate on these details, she can give the collector a price. A small 6-8 inch sculpture begins at $5,000.
To begin, find images that you like, and know what you want to create. You might check the commission FAQ on this website. Contact the artist, and together you will begin to create a masterpiece that will become a family heirloom and cherished piece of art.