Life Size Sculpture

Bridgette creates lifesize sculpture in bronze. Capturing a likeness and expression is one of Bridgette’s fortes. With commissions, whether they be portraits or life size statues, she enjoys the collaborative process. Clients become co-creators bringing to life their loved ones. Together, the artist and collector work to combine their vision with the artists' talent and process to create bronze masterpieces that will last forever.

Do you want to watch her work? Check out the links below.

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Life-Size Sculpture Highlights

Bridgette is a perpetual documenter who creates blog posts on many of her jobs. Click on the links below to see the category of blog posts referring to Life-Size sculpture.


Bridgette originally created the Newsboy for The Texas Press Association. The blog posts have an educational element for teachers and students. Follow along with this process and use it in your class.


Called To Pray

Bridgette created "Called to Pray" for Dallas Baptist University. The inspiration of this sensitive subject is captured in online blog posts. It documents her thoughts and processes as she works through the art.


Richard Hathaway

Things get personal as Bridgette documents the creation of a posthumous bronze statue of a professor for her alma mater, Vermont College. In the process, her own professor passes away. 


Norma Zenteno

A beloved latina jazz singer passes away from breast cancer. She is loved by many in the Houston area, and together, with fans help  the family hires Bridgette to bring to life her infectious personality and spirit.


John Turner

John turner is also featured on this website in the process pages as well as his seeing-eye dogs. If you want to find the entire inspiration behind this incredible man and this sculpture look at these blog posts.


Why life size sculpture?

Life size sculpture is the perfect way to pay tribute to a person, to invoke interaction with a statue, or celebrate life. Mongeon enjoys creating scenes that will make people stop and ask, who is this? Why was this documented in bronze?

Sports figures, children, professors, a moment in time; these are all things Bridgette loves to capture in life-size sculpture.

Honoring those who have passed might sound difficult. Who does the artist use as reference? But as long as there are some images of the subject, the artist can bring to life the spirit of the individual in bronze. Posthumous sculpture to commemorate the life of the subject or sculpture created to recognize achievement are just two of the reasons Bridgette immortalizes events and people in bronze.

Are these available for purchase ? 

Some of the artist's bronzes are available as limited editions. This means that she creates one piece for a client and then can make multiples for sale. So, if you see something you like, please contact the artist to see if it is available for purchase. For example, the newsboy- can be purchased and comes complete with a paper that the artist will change to reflect a headline in history.

How long does it take to create a life size statue?

There are several variables to consider when preparing for the unveiling date of a life-size bronze. The first is the schedule of work in the artist's studio. The artist will also need to fit the job into her vendors schedule. For a bronze sculpture, and especially a life size sculpture, the artist has foundry, scanning and enlarging to consider. These are vendors that the artist uses to create her final piece of art. Read the process pages of this website for more information. Bridgette tells most clients to plan for a year, with the possibility of completion earlier, depending upon certain variables.  If you do need something done quicker, please give her a call as there may be options available.

I don't live in Texas, can Bridgette still create a statue for me? How is this done? 

Not all of Bridgette's commissions are from Texas or bound for Texas. Upon completion, some have traveled outside the state. Even though The work will be done in her studio in Texas, you may want her to visit your installation space to see where she will install the work of art. The initial consultation may take place over the phone, and the client will then  send photographs to the studio. Most of the sculpting work will take place in the artist's studio with bronzing done at the foundry. You will be able to follow along if you choose to have her document her process on a blog as well as communicating with her during the process.

If you are interested in learning more about the process, click on the links on this page for one of the projects. Also, visit the process pages of this website.

In all, we can divide the commission up into four basic phases. 1. Contract, and initial design. The artist can do this virtually or in person. The artist will work with the client to help them formulate their vision, figure costs, and of course, sign the contract. 2. Typically there are two stages of approval. Approving a smaller version, called a maquette or a digital version of the sculpture and then approving the life size version. Nothing goes to bronze without the client's approval. Once the artist gets approval, the client signs off on the work of art. Then the sculpture is sent to the foundry for completion. 3. The client has nothing to do through the foundry process but watch the artist as she documents what is happening in the foundry. 4. The final stage is delivery and installation and, of course, unveilings and dedications. Delivery costs will be factored in during discussions of price. Please note that higher delivery costs may be required for delivery outside of the Houston area. But also remember that if you are out of state, there is no sales tax on the sculpture.

How can I find out more? 

Bridgette has documented the process of making many of these sculptures. You can read about these through designated blogs or in the links on this page. For example, she created John Turner to reflect the accomplishments of a blind man not hindered by a disability and his seeing eye dogs who lead the way. With the client's permission, the artist will document the process of their commission. It is like watching over the shoulder of the artist while she works, and there is no extra charge for this service.