Portrait Busts

Bridgette has sculpted the famous such as B. B. King, Willie Nelsoan and Bill Monroe, and she has also sculpted the famous of heart such as newborns, and pets.  There are many reasons to choose a portrait bust. Recognizing the achievements of an individual by creating a bronze statue is a beautiful tribute. She sculpts portrait statues in memory of loved ones who have passed. Capturing the intrigue of childhood is a special love for the artist. You can find more details on the process of creating portrait busts below. Also peruse the posts on how she creates these works of art.

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Portrait Bust Highlights

Bridgette is a perpetual documenter and creates blog posts on many of her jobs. Click on the links below to see the category of blog posts referring to a specific portrait bust.

Bronze sculpture of B.B King

B. B. King

Read about Bridgette's adventures with the blues legend. He wanted to call her up on stage to introduce her as his personal sculptor.
"The thrill is not gone."

Bridgette Mongeon sculpts Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Legends are exciting and none more than Willie Nelson. While at the Houston, Texas rodeo, Bridgette meets the legend and presents him with his bust

Bronze bust of Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe

From Rosine Kentucky to the Grand Ole Opry and meeting Minnie Pearl. Bridgette had a great time working on this bluegrass legend- bluegrass, art and "picken and a grinnen."

Pennymarshall sculpture

Penny Marshall 

What an honor to work on a sculpture of a woman who paved the way while creating a movie about women who paved the way. A special tribute.

What is a portrait bust? 

Many consider a portrait bust statue as a sculpture that depicts the head and shoulders. Even with head and shoulders, there are lots of different types. An artist can cut a bust short, beneath the collar. Others show a great deal more chest, and others may incorporate a hand gesture. Some statues have the base included in the design. In other portrait busts the artist mounts them on a base after making them into bronze. Bridgette creates most of her portrait busts in bronze. If you have a particular image or look- you would like the artist to capture, send it to Bridgette with a request for information. A photo in an email is an excellent way to start the dialogue.

What size is a portrait bust?

The size of a bust depends on its placement. A life size bust in a museum may not make the statement you desire. And a life size bust of a child in a small room may look massive. Knowing placement of the sculpture is important when deciding on the size of a bust.

How much does a portrait bust cost?

The cost will depend on the details in the subject the size of the sculpture and the amount of bronze. The more bronze the higher the cost.

I want to create this as a surprise, can the artist do this?

Many times the artist is asked to create a portrait bust as a surprise for a loved one. Maybe you desire a child portrait bust for a parent for Mother's day, a bust of the CEO for retirement. If you want your child or another portrait bust created as a sculpture surprise, there is no problem. Sometimes time is of the essence, and you are trying to do this as a gift for a special occasion. You may have thought about this and love the idea, but discover there may not be enough time to complete the bust. Not to worry, we can still make it a surprise. Bridgette has come up with alternatives. If there is not enough time to complete the sculpture in bronze, you can start the commission with the artist, and depending on the location; she will bring the clay to the party. Then everyone can "ooh and ahh" over the art. Gift certificates are another option. Many people find it very exciting to be a part of the process.

Dear husbands, it is the artist's opinion that you should never do a portrait bust of your wife without her having a say in the creation and approvals. Trust the artist on this.

What if the subject is no longer alive, or I want a younger version?

Not to worry. As long as you can collect enough reference material for the sculpture, Bridgette can create the bust. Sometimes reference material may be images of the subject. Other times, it may be pictures where the subject is not the main point of interest. Side, front, and any other reference are helpful, even videos.

How long does it take to create a portrait bust?

The length of creating a portrait bust depends on the artist's schedule and the schedule of the art foundry that is casting the bronze. Though Bridgette sculpted B. B. King in 24 hours, her typical turn around on a bronze bust is approximately 3-6 months. Though clay is not her preferred medium, she might also be able to sculpt and fire a bust in clay. That takes less time. She can even stain it to look bronze. If you need something sooner, rush charges may apply, and there are other options. See the section on I want this as a surprise.