Videos & Podcasts by Bridgette

Being a perpetual documenter and wanting to share with others does not stop with writing and speaking. Documenting processes, thoughts for self-improvement, marketing, and even spiritual programs, are topics that excite the artist/writer.

Bridgette on YouTube

Bridgette Mongeon's work is visual and lends itself well to video. There are three YouTube channels that you will find below. Please feel free to subscribe, and you will know when new ones arrive.

Bridgette's Podcasts

Discovering podcasting in 2008 was not only an inspiration but was very healing. Bridgette first used podcasting to connect with her daughter and ailing mother in the Generations Podcast. Later they added and expanded into Creative Christian Podcasts. Both of these are found below. Interviews for these podcasts were pretty special. They range from Ruth Graham, Bill Graham's daughter, to figure skater Mark Hamilton, numerous book authors, and even a monk in France. Her mother passed in 2012. Bridgette kept the podcasts going for a while without her, but after 136 episodes, she moved on. The podcast messages still inspire others around the world.

Texas artist Bridgette is interviewed.
Houston podcast hosts love to help women.

Art And Technology Podcasts came later in 2015 as she was working on her book 3D Technology in Fine Art & Craft. There are 13 podcasts in this series ranging from copyrights and 3D to interviewing artists pushing technologies and boundaries.

"I love podcasting and getting to know people. I'd do it for a living if someone paid me,"

You can listen to the podcasts by playing through the podcast players on this page or use the menu button to see the different topics.

Bridgette's YouTube Channels

Bridgette Mongeon General

This YouTube channel was Bridgette's first. When she needs to store a video on her art process, or other things of interest , it comes to this space.  Feel free to take a look and don't forget to subscribe.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland YouTube channel has some interesting things about the creating of Bridgette Mongeon's sculpture of the Mad Hatter Tea Party and the STEAM/STEM education involved.

Women Stepping Outside

Women Stepping Outside; this YouTube channel is dedicated to women who step outdoors and step outside themselves. It is hosted by Bridgette Mongeon and her friend Carol.

Bridgette's Podcasts

Inspirations-Generations & Creative Christians Podcasts

Inspiration Generations podcast by sculptor Bridgette Mongeon with co hose Christina Sizemore.

Spot on Radio holds two podcasts, Inspirations- Generations and Creative Christians.

On Inspirations- Generations, three generations of Christian Women share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life.

Creative Christians is a podcast about creative people who just happen to be Christian

Both podcasts span three years from 2008-2012.

These podcasts began as a way for Bridgette to help her mother to continue in a ministry. Her mother was homebound because of illness. Christina, Bridgette's daughter, and a college student joined in when the time would allow. The podcasts still help women around the world.They also helped Bridgette to promote a gift line that she created called God's Word Collectibles.

To listen to the podcasts, scroll through the player below to find the episode you'd like to listen to, then hit play.

creative Christians logo for podcast

Art and Technology Podcast

The Art and Technology Podcasts were recorded in 2015 as Bridgette was inspired by the artists and vendors that she included in her book 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting, and Milling.

To listen to the podcasts, click the start button. To review different episodes, click the menu button.