A Bit More Work

While visitors were coming to the studio, our work did not stop. I had notified Grambling State University before they approved that I intended to make a few changes, and there were details that were not finished.  When we were attaching the arm to the body Allison Gonzalez, my lead intern, brought her family to help. A niece, Ingjierd Marquez offered to take my phone and take pictures while we worked.  She went up into the loft and shot us attaching the head and arm.  I noticed in one of the pictures when we were trying to get the arm on that it really looked better a bit lower.  I don’t think I would have ever thought of this had I not seen the picture taken by Ingjierd.  Thanks Ingjierd.

 Had this been a table top sculpture I might have thought to play with the arm and step back, but stepping back when you are that far up in the air is not that easy. And moving an arm, that is made with foam, but has a metal armature and lots of clay on it, is not that easy.

When I told Allison about my thoughts, she did not hesitate about climbing up so high and helping.  Allison, God bless you for your fortitude. She went up on the scaffold and helped me to lower the arm to check it out.  I loved it! The sculpture looks more threatening.The tiger is not just raising its arm to attack but the paw is coming down on you!  However, this minor adjustment meant that I had to spend 2 days up on the scaffold fixing the arm and the areas surrounding it. Well worth it. 

It was this simple picture that made me change the arm.  You can see the difference between this one and the one below. A subtle difference, but a big one all of the same. 

So I sat up here for a few days. My work area the atop of the scaffold.
Small modifications can change other areas. 
Standing on the scaffold is a bit frightening at first, but I soon got used to it.  I can not tell you how many times that cat bit and struck me while I was up there. 
Thanks Allison for meeting your fear of heights to appease my creative inklings. 
The paw before it was changed.

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