An Art Show Featuring 3D And Technology

I’m thrilled that Gil Bruvel will be joining the artshow. I have been a fan of his work and featured it in my Mudbox book in the chapter on digital printing, and scanning. I’m not sure what pieces he is putting into the show but this one is called “The Builder” and is printed in metal.

I received this press release from the media at 3DCAMP Houston 2012. As vice chair, I’m pretty absorbed in the planning of 3DCAMP and am excited to have the opportunity to see some really incredible work. I’m posting this here so that I can encourage others to show what great things they are doing. Please feel free to pass on this post and press release. This art exhibit is open to anyone and is a national call. It is not just what one would refer to as 3D art, but 3D printed art as well, and I hope some people send things like 3D art that has to do with our theme of STEAM—Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math. How about some 3D printed buildings? Can’t wait to see what others do. Hey, if you own a rapid prototyping company please pass this on to those who are using your equipment, they should be sure to mention your equipment in the definition of the art. Remember this is not just 3Dprinted work,it is anything 3D – well you know 3D technology stuff- we traditional artists have been calling work 3D long before technology called it 3D.    More information can be found on the 3DCAMP 2012 website. Oh and it is not limited to physical objects, there is an area for film and can’t wait to see what images some people are creating with 3D software.

If you live near Texas and want to attend 3DCAMP Houston registration will be opening up soon.The date of the art show is 28th of September. It will be open to the public and then open for 3DCamp Houston symposium the following day Saturday September 29th, 2012. It is hosted by the University of Houston Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in conjunction with the Department of Arts. We also have room for more sponsors if you know of anyone who is interested.

3DCAMP and Houston Art and Culture announce a national call to artists

Brooke Davis creates amazing woodworking by using CNC milling.

“The Third Dimension” is in conjunction with 3DCAMP Houston’s symposium, an all-day conference featuring presentations and live demos from expert speakers. The symposium is scheduled for the following day, Saturday, September 29. The exhibition will remain open to the public during the symposium.

3DCMAP Houston is a participant-driven gathering of 3D professionals and students from a wide range of disciplines including fine art, education, science, engineering, medical, computing and many more. 3DCAMP’s commitment to educate the public about the latest 3D technologies will include presentations showcasing technology that can aid artists in the creative process to achieve new and exciting results in their work.

Houston Art and Culture, a nonprofit organization with the mission to enrich the local art community through mentoring and scholarships, recently partnered with 3DCAMP Houston in order to expand both organizations’ initiative for educational outreach. President and founder of Houston Art and Culture and 3DCMAP co-chair Lori Betz will be a juror.

“This exhibit will feature artwork that uses some of the techniques and technologies that the speakers will be talking about, and the art work is amazing. It’s like nothing you have ever seen before,” Betz said.

Deadline for submission is scheduled for September 3.

For full details on the exhibit and the prospectus for submissions, visit the 3DCAMP 2012 website.

If you need more infomration about this press release or the art show feel free to contact Houston Arts and Culture.

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Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer, illustrator and educator as well as a public speaker.

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She is the vice chair of the planning committee for 3DCAMP Houston 2012

She is also the owner and creator of the God’s Word Collectible Sculpture series

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