Here is David. He is my new commission. His mom would like a sculpture done of him and we have entertained the idea of putting him in a chair. During my photo sitting of David I picked up a selection of chairs to consider that his mom was collecting. The chair that I am leaning towards is a small chair and it is very debatable if I can create the sculpture that size. If this was a bronze there would be no problem and I would tackle it with fervor, however, this is to be a fired sculpture and fired clay is very temperamental and unforgiving. I have covered the small chair in plastic to protect it while I work.

I have been working on roughing in the mother and baby commission. This is a different style than I have used to creating in. The sculpture will be more contemporary and less detailed.

It is important to try and make the design work from all sides. The client wanted the sculpture to stand approximately 8” This size of the sculpture that you see includes the area of the woman’s lower torso that is not actually in the original logo. I thought about trying to make the woman larger and cutting that area off, but to make it 8” it will make it a very wide piece and I feel that might take away from the delicate and tenderness of the piece. It is always good to go away from a piece for a few days and come back to it later to see things from a new perspective.

A man called and asked if I could reproduce this image of his wife’s logo as a small sculpture for her birthday. I am thrilled about the prospect of working on something that is outside of my traditional style. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.