This is what I do all day long. I compare one part to another and reference photographs to sculpture. This can be hard because the reference I have is little, both in size and amount. I mean trying to figure out what someone looks like by using a picture that is less than one inch is, at best, a challenge.

Plus you are looking at a two dimensional element and trying to create something in 3d. Still, I compare.

My comparisons of late.

I have been working on the head separate from the body. I put it on and found that I needed to take off about 1 inch of hair and lower her hair line for it to fit the body. There is nothing worse than creating a perfect head and a perfect body and put them together to find they are not in proportion.
Today I get to cut off her head and work on it separately again. I like the size of the neck, the placement and proportions and I am very tired of sculpting upside down and on the ground. Working on the head at my desk will be a welcome challenge.
Legs, shoes, stature. I look at my own legs often and then at Evelyn’s and wonder about her proportions. I have committed to the length of the skirt, just below the knee is perfect.
She is sitting back, someone said, is it too much, absolutely not. It is an attitude. She is confident, she is assured, she has great posture, ( I’m so jealous as I do not). I love the stance.
Sweater- Folds are everything. I can’t talk about this right now as it is a pain in my side. I’m going to fix this, which may mean, redoing the sweater entirely.
Weight on legs. I like that one heel is up just a bit. She stands back hard on the left leg. I like this.

Sometimes it is all about becoming more friendly. I become more friendly with the piece and it becomes more friendly to the viewer. This is what it means to search for Evelyn. This is the blog about the creation of the Evelyn Rubenstein sculpture for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center in Houston Texas. To see more of the artist work, visit her Creative Sculpture website and Blog


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