Tilly was found- If one could roll around on the ground with a turtle I would have. Snuggle or lavish kisses, maybe. But the relationship between Tilly and I is one of respect. She came to me- wild. I don’t touch her or turn her upside down, or things of that nature. Sometimes I will put my hand in the water and feel her as she passes by.

Now for the story.
She was found outside of the yard, apparently trying to get back home. She crawled beetwen two fences and the report is, she was wedged there sideways. I feared she was ill, or stressed. Was it instuition, or just an owners panic? I was on an important phone call when they reported she was found. It was hard to concentrate on our conversation. The old hispanic women next door found her and somehow was aware that we had a turtle. I guess she watched through the fence one day. She nocked on my father-in- laws window and reported her find. I went over there just now crying and saying, “thank you, gracias, gracias.” Though we don’t speak the same language, She understood. I gave her a hug, which was a little unsettling because she was holding a machete and a cigarette.

I lavished Tilly with pellets of food, bent as close to her as possible and told her I loved her. Sounds silly, loving a turtle. We will fix the hole near the fence and the ground, and definitely watch after a rain. That is when she likes to explore.

NExt thing on my list of things to do, was to make up lost turtle posters. Crazy turtle lady. Don’t have to do that now. Can’t wait to be in the studio and watching Tilly while I work. Such a friendly face. My yard once again feels full of life.

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