Is It The Paranormal Or….

imagination? I asked this question in the book that I wrote on sculpting the deceased ( still looking for a publisher) I have had a difficult time with the terms paranormal or psychic, so calling it my imagination appears to be safer.

If you ask some of the parents of my subjects if there is a connection between myself and the deceased they would most likely say yes. One mother said she was almost jelouse. Though most don’t realize that my connection, if there is one is through their love and the bonds that they share.

This morning in the space between awake and asleep I was holding a baby. She slept so soundly and the feeling, as it is when you are holding a sleeping baby, was amazing. I kissed her forehead, and breathed in that baby smell. In my joy of that moment I asked, “who do you belong to?” I know of no babies in my awakening state. No sooner had I said it that the thought came into my mind. This is Jenna! Because I was in that in between state the thought of holding Jenna woke me up. Quickly I closed my eyes and tried to lull myself back to sleep to study her. Look at her features and I always want to look at the hands. I only returned momentarily.

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