I am excited because I have hired a professional to help with some areas of my website that I just could not figure out, and they did it!  There is a bit more they will do and you will soon see this blog with a header and the colors of my https://creativesculpture.com website! 

For those of you interested in what this absolutely cleaver person did…
My gift collectibles site, God’s Word Collectibles, is a merchants site, which basically means it is a shopping cart.  They do not provide a blog, and I was told I could not put a blog on the site because it would compromise security. I needed a blog because I will soon be putting up a podcast and I wanted a blog to go along with the podcast.  ( the podcast is sponsored by the God’s Word Collectible site. Here is the cool thing- we made a blogger blog look like my merchants site.  If you want to see this fancy trick just go to http://www.godsword.net and then click on the link that says blog and podcast.  They look alike.  I’m thrilled. 
Can’t wait to see this blog change its appearance!  This is magic!

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