Night And Day Tag Team

Many pieces of the sculpture are cut off, added on, taken off and added again.  You will see, after our final approval, that John and his dog will be cut apart one more time for mold making.

We have a night and day thing going. It is is also a tag team effort.  I work late at nights and early morning and weekends, then my interns come in and clean up after me and smooth the clay.  They really rock this part and make my life so  much easier.  Sometimes they can work on things that are cut off while I work on the torso.

I love listening to books while I work.  It is funny. I have been overdosing on a young adult novel series about spirit animals.  Just realized how significant that is to this project.

It is much easier to work on hands while they are off of the body.
The hand on the left is holding the harness portion. I would have
loved to get a real harness and cast it. I tried, but The Light House
said they destroy them. I was sent one by the Turners, but I can’t
make a mold of it as it is very special.  Having a harness to cast
would have saved me so many hours of work. Instead
we are fabricating one.

This is a sculpture created of John Turner for the city of Frisco. The entire project is documented on a project blog at

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