ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!… Wait Searching For Space

 The sculpture details have all been ironed out!  We can begin sculpting. I am presently trying to secure our schedule with the vendors. My first line of business is to find a temporary studio space as the tiger is much too big for my Houston studio.

 I am presently searching for Houston warehouse space to create the Grambling Tiger in.
What I am looking for:

  • Must have at least 15 foot ceilings as the tiger is big and with the rolling base we will need 15 foot clearance. 
  • No need to have a large door, believe it or not the tiger is cut up into many, many sections as we make molds for the foundry. 
  • Climate controlled is preferred, but may not be necessary if we can get going on this ASAP. 
  • Will need the space for approximately 3-5 months 
  • Need bathroom and running water at least on the premises. 
  • Concrete floor so that we can roll that tiger around
  • A big enough area to work on tiger, get scaffolding around him and step back to check proportions from time to time.  
  • I’ll be working late hours so a safe location is also important. 

If you know of such a space to rent please contact me and email your phone number. I MUST MOVE INTO THIS SPACE BY THE FIRST WEEKEND IN FEBRUARY- We start in February!

If you are an alumni and would like to be part of this project, please stay tuned to this blog. I will be looking for interns that want to be creative and assist in the building of the big tiger.   This is a great opportunity for artists, but artistic propensity is not necessary, passion and commitment are. I believe any alumni will have that.

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