Some Thoughts- The Bible- Hidden

Continuing our work on the Praying Man for Dallas Baptist University. You can find their project blog on Blogspot.

I could not get the bible done before you arrive. The hardest part about this job was that so many vendors were shut down for the two holidays. The bible is roughly indicated. You can see where the scripture will go, but the words are not inscribed and the pages and edges are not sculpted. But just as with the chair, we needed to “place” it to be able to put all the pieces together. Once we take the chair apart for mold making, the bible will be completed. I’ll send photographs to you for your approval, at a later date. I did begin to layout the scripture, and you can see that it starts on the left side and rags to the right page, just above the mans hand. It is almost as if he has just read it and is resting his heart and his hand on the meaning of the words.

Stain glass crosses in his shoes

I love sculpting feet. We all know the feet arereferenced in the bible.

 Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path.” NIV 1984Take a closer look at the bottom of his shoes. Subtle, but it is there. A little hidden surprise for you.(Later we revise this a bit taking out the edge of the cross on both sides. During the approval process someone points out that it looks like a stain glass window. I love when others find things that I didn’t realize I was doing. ) 

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