The pose of the sculpture to be created for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center- Houston has already been decided on.  It will be the exact pose that you see of her hands on hips, sweater, suite and pearls. This pose was already decided on by my client before I came into the picture, but I love it.  I think, it has a personal meaning to me as well.

 I didn’t know Evelyn, I wish I had. I hope I can as I work on this project. Some tell me I develop a relationship with the deceased through my posthumous sculpture. I know it sounds a bit strange, but in hindsight, I guess that is what I do.  I learn so much about them. It is important to me to do this, as I want more than a likeness, I want their essence.

What this pose tells me….
Back in the 80’s I was reprimanded for this pose.  Yes, a man once told me a woman never puts her hands on her hips.  I disagree. This pose says, I’m confident of myself, I’m friendly, but… don’t cross me, I know what I am doing.  Perhaps, back in the 80’s with the man who said it to me, it was threatening to him.  I’m overjoyed to see this pose that demonstrates not only strength but grace at the same time. Wow, how she does that is so impressive. I hope I can transfer that to the clay.

Often, when working on posthumous sculpture I get a “feel” for the person.  This is most likely drawn by the comments I hear from others.  That is why I count on the stories of others, and visiting with others about Evelyn.

What I feel about Evelyn today
Creating a legacy

I’m honored to work on this sculpture, and look forward to getting to know Evelyn a bit more.

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