Today I Had A Virtual Birthday Party For My Daughter

Yes indeed. I had a virtual party. You see it is mother’s day and my daughter Christina Diliberto’s 23rd birthday. Unable to be together, with her in Tulsa and me in Houston I posted a virtual birthday party on her face book. I posted several photographs of her as a baby and commented and tagged them. If you are on facebook here is a link. Then I noted that when she was born there was a wonderful big band station here in Houston. I called them and told them that she came in time to make me a mother on mothers day. I asked them to dedicate a song to my new baby. They picked “Aint she sweet” I found this wonderful video of the Big chicken chorus singing the song and posted that on face book as well. I laughed so hard.

Lets see if these links work to show you a few photographs.
Hanging at the pool, or at the beach. Some things never change .

mom and baby

From an early age Christina embraced nakedness and loved the feel of the boys buns. Even those who were too embarrassed to show their face.

You are the cats pajamas! Fierce in your endeavors, taking along a clown or a few laughs.

henna painting
butt sketches.
a margarita machine
petting zoo
serenade by the big chicken chorus
stuffed mushrooms, baked ziti, and salad
then Cirque du Soleil performed! What a great ongoing virtual birthday party! ( PS, pretty easy on the budget as well.)

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