Your Brain May Explode! TED May Be Coming To Your Area! Introducing TEDx

I have long been a fan of TED. If you are looking for a wonderful and enlightening experience you must check out their website and give a listen to the speakers.

TED is a conference that brings together minds in technology, design and entertainment. Of course the TED talks video site is a frequent for me.

I can’t imagine attending a TED conference held in Long Beach . With conference memberships costing $6,000. a year and selling out a year in advance, I doubt I will ever have that experience. 50 speakers speaking at 18 minute slots. TED is interdisciplinary the web site says it is a four day “brain spa.”

“At some point in the next 4 days your brain may explode, by then you won’t even care,” states curator Chris Anderson.

Below is a short preview of the introduction to TED

Now TEDx is coming to Houston 6/12/2010. And that is not all, apparently TEDx is spreading. There may be one coming to your area.

And according to the TEDx guidelines it may be free or very low cost.

If you can’t get excited about TED Coming to your area then think what will soon be available online as the TED lectures are made available. Inconceivable! I think I feel my brain swelling already!

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