1:20 Update on Ike From Houston

Looks like a beautiful day in Houston. Kids are playing in the yard next door. If it were not for the hectic pace at the stores, and the news on the TV I would not think there was a storm.

My family boarded up the doors and windows the best they could. Don’t have enough wood for all of the windows. Sure wish I had some on the french doors in the back. Decided not to board up the studio this time. Husband is still out looking for things. I guess you get this feeling like you can’t be over prepared and so you just keep doing it.

I found more gas for the generator and I am glad to see that the stations around the house still have gas. This is another great argument for not making inbound lanes out going lanes. I do know that this gas will be useless if the power goes out, and that will be just when everyone needs it.

Those who decided to wait it out are all ready calling for rescue, and the hurricane has not hit. Go figure. I also heard their is a freighter in the gulf that is stranded.

In all I still made a trip to the foundry to get the wax for the surprise Christmas gift that my client is having me make. It will be necessary for me to have those waxes worked on before I leave next Saturday in order to make our deadline.

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