A New Studio And A New Resident

Tilly the turtle.

I am so intrigued by my newest addition to my new studio. This turtle showed up in our fenced yard. She is a red eared slider. In doing some research this turtle could be quite old maybe even 10-15 years and is about 9-10” long. One night she showed up at the fence line. The next day I looked for her and she was under the brugmansia, 20 minutes later she disappeared. Then my husband found her in the pond. She comes out and suns on the sides, of the pond. When I can I sit on the new studio porch and watch her. It is a great way to relax. I tried to make her a bathing spot by piling a flat rock inside of the pond, but the builders and the very loud compressors they use seems to bother her.

The day before yesterday I was feeding the fish in the upper pond. And what did I see? The slider. I thought she must have had quite a little trip the night before, you see this upper pond is about 15 feet, an uphill trip, and has two waterfalls in between the two ponds.
I have not named her but I have thought about the name Techla. It was my grandmothers name and though “Tecla the turtle” does not exactly roll off your tongue it is fun to say.
Maybe grandmas other name, Tilly would be better. “Tilly the turtle. I love it!

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