A Sneak Peek To What Is in Our New Book!

Most of you know that I am writing a book with Miguel de la Flor called Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques For Artists.

We hope to make it a bit different than most digital sculpting books. I am so tired of seeing monsters and aliens in all of theses books and as one person recently wrote to me and said, “I am very excited to hear about your book and I definitely fills a gap. Most of the digital books I have found are for gamers creating characters.” That is so great to hear. I am thrilled about bridging this gap between digital and traditional and the new technology that is coming out is incredible.

So I thought I would share with you a little sneak peek of what is in the book. This is Amy. In the book I will be sculpting her both traditionally and digitally and giving the instructions on how to do this. Though she is not quite complete here she is.

Oh yes, and with this process you will be able to take any loved one and do the same thing. this is after all- portrait sculpting digitally!

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