Looking for Artists/Universities/Research Projects to Interview

I’m looking for cutting edge art or research projects that are somewhat controversial or can prompt a dialogue.  Must be associated with art and technology.  A varied amount of possibilities involved.

1. Interview on the Art and Technology Podcast.

2. Possible inclusion in an up and coming book

3. May be included as the topic in  a world wide  peer group dialogue.

Example of the type of things we are looking at please see this article Frankensteinian Art? The suggested art does not have to be bio art it can include other forms of technology such as nanotechnology.

The interview with Oron Catts will be added to the online podcast of Art and Technology found at http://www.digitalsculpting.net on May 5th.

Please e mail me privately if you have a suggestion for this ASAP.

Our New Book Is On The Stands!

I’m thrilled to report that the new Mudbox book is available!

Digital sculpting with Mudbox book
Our new book! So exciting.

I am coauthor on this book with my husband Mike de la Flor. We found out the book was in the hands of buyers this morning when someone went to the new website at DigitalSculpting.net and asked for the support files.  We have been scrambling to put the site together. It is a web community of digital and traditional sculptors.  So thrilling. But quite an undertaking.  I encourage all to join.  The book can be purchased from Amazon.com

Calling artist and those interested in technology and art.

I love the ideas behind Adrian Bowyer and the Rep Rap. Here are two new videos.


A short one discussing the entire concept behind rep rap.

TAKE NOTE: a rep rap new addition. extruder for ceramic. Oh I must get something in my own studio.

I am wanting to write articles and podcast interview about several topics concerning 3d printing and art and technology. Please contact me at bridgette@creativesculpture.com if you have suggestions.

The podcasts, articles and other information will be collected and distributed from a new website that will be going live no later than May 2010. It will be located at digitalsculpture.net.

I have also pitched another book to my publisher about art and technology ( 3d physical artwork such as sculpture etc). I am looking for artists to include in this book as well as those doing research and service bureaus.

WANT YOUR WORK IN A MUDBOX BOOK? Please Pass This On and Twitter, Need Art Quickly

We are looking for artwork created in Mudbox for a gallery for our new book. Deadline is this weekend. If you are interested in possibly participating please e mail me directly at Bridgette (the at sign) creativesculpture.com. There is no monetary compensation but we will give you credit in the book. You can use other software in conjunction with this creation as long as Mudbox was used as part of your work flow.

Please contact me by this weekend (March 5-6) and let me know your interest, if you have your work posted on the internet send a link and then I will ask you to send an image via e mail once I check with my coauthor. Then we will send you a release form. WE ARE ON A TIGHT DEADLINE. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE IN ALONG WITH RELEASE FORMS BY TUESDAY the 9th of March. Thanks in advance for your interest.

What? Why Are You Doing That?

Lately I have not posted much of my own creative work on this blog. Some may wonder why. I have but two answers, graduate work and writing a book. Either, by themselves would be a daunting but with this MFAIA Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art I can work my research and the book writing into my degree plan.

Many have asked me, “Why would a master sculptor need a Masters Degree?” It is very simple, believe it or not I have been turned down to teach sculpting at the college level because of this lack of paperwork. Do I plan to teach? I’m not sure, but as I enter this stage of my life I thought it would be good to have this document. (Though, I often think that in the future I will probably be paying off my graduate school loans with my social security income.)

My focus in my graduate studies is two fold. Sculpting of course, but here is the clincher, because I was already considered a master sculptor they frowned on me entering the program to study sculpture. That is good because frankly doing that for 3 years might make me puke. (This is a terminal degree that is why it is 3 years.) However, to teach at a college level I must have 15 hours of study, minimum in the area I want to teach. There is a catch 22.

So I put a twist of interest to my degree study in sculpture. The basic premise of one half of my study is “Bridging the gab between new technology and the traditional studio.” That is why I am focusing on digital sculpting, scanning, printing, milling as it pertains to my craft. It began with this article (pdf) that I wrote for Sculpture Review a few years back. The study is fascinating and I believe it will affect my future artwork, though I am still doing traditional portrait and life-size commissions and love doing so. I’ll just utilize these processes to incorporate them in my study and workflow!

Besides looking at the technology and the different aspects of it. I seem to be drawn to individuals who are using data to create artwork. The data depicts what the art will look like. This can be seen in weaving of Nathalie Miebach. Or as simple as David Beck using a GPS system and digital printing to print out a sort of portrait of his friends. I really enjoyed listening to the videos of (MOMA )Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit Design and the Elastic Mind. It was validating when I heard Curator Paola Antonelli discusses the importance of 3Drapid prototype printing. She states, “The most interesting and most important technological innovations in the field of design and the field of manufacturing is 3Dprinting.” I know my study is going in the right direction. I will try to bring these videos to my blog.

This new direction was so not me. To turn my head from figurative realism even for a moment to consider other things is not something I am used to or have ever been drawn to. But there is something about the seeing information visually. Even those in science are saying now that they can print out molecular items they can now see how they relate to each other in ways that were never apparent. Perhaps it is that somehow I feel there is something hidden, a secret that is under the data that can only be known when it is a visual, when it is made as art.

Another artist that I really like is Robert Lazzarini. Remember when you look at these they are not skewed photographs but are actual sculptures created, and often digitally printed in this skewed manner. They must be something to see in person. All of this work is different than the figurative work that I have studied in the past, but that is what school is supposed to do, stretch you, challenge you, cause you to think past what you would normally consider.

Oh yes, there is a second area of my graduate study. It is writing. As you can tell from past articles, columns and books— I like to write. I enjoy writing about art, creativity and other subjects and am presently working on a Mudbox book. I’m thrilled to see my name at Amazon, even though we are not quite done with the book. I stumbled upon the Amazon information when I was trying to do my research, to be honest this area of study is so new that there is little out there about it. But the book that seemed to have everything that I was trying to study- lead me to my own book on Amazon. Mudbox is a program that allows you to sculpt in the computer. I have enjoyed my research and studies and will continue to do so. I feel it is opening up new doors of opportunities as well as enlightenment and inspiration and I enjoy sharing some of my research on this blog.

Learning New Information To Share With Others

I have been very busy working on the Mudbox book. I have also pitched a second book all on my graduate studies of 3D digital printing, milling and scanning as it pertains to the traditional art studio. I’ll let you know as soon as the publisher bites. Meanwhile it is on to finishing the Mudbox book and continuing my studies and research. I have found some great videos on a wonderful site called Guerilla CG. I would highly recommend it.

Since I am now working on retopologizing and writing about that huge word. This video was important to me. As you will learn, quads are better than triangles when it comes to sculpting or animating. So I am learning how to take my artwork that is scanned and retopologize it so that I can change it in Mudbox and then print it out. I have an article about the scanning process that should be coming out soon on my Best of Artists and Artisan’s Sculpture column. I’ll be sure to put the link here when it comes out. Now back to research.

A Sneak Peek To What Is in Our New Book!

Most of you know that I am writing a book with Miguel de la Flor called Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques For Artists.

We hope to make it a bit different than most digital sculpting books. I am so tired of seeing monsters and aliens in all of theses books and as one person recently wrote to me and said, “I am very excited to hear about your book and I definitely fills a gap. Most of the digital books I have found are for gamers creating characters.” That is so great to hear. I am thrilled about bridging this gap between digital and traditional and the new technology that is coming out is incredible.

So I thought I would share with you a little sneak peek of what is in the book. This is Amy. In the book I will be sculpting her both traditionally and digitally and giving the instructions on how to do this. Though she is not quite complete here she is.

Oh yes, and with this process you will be able to take any loved one and do the same thing. this is after all- portrait sculpting digitally!

Watch Out Digital Gamers- The Traditional Sculptors Have Arrived!

It is my personal quest to bridge the gap between digital and traditional sculpting. Technology is changing and new tools are available! Remember how photography used to be done? OK it is still done with film, but we all see the advantages to going digital. So it is with sculpting. That is why I am so excited about the book that we are writing.  Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques For Artists. We hope it is not just another digital book showing a software, but that it is an art book as well. That people will buy it not just because of Mudbox, but because they want to have the resources that are in the book to learn from and refer back to no matter what program they are working in.

It is grueling work, and the publisher is breathing down our necks to get more in quicker, but there have been so many setbacks, as you may know by my previous posts. For example Mudbox was not available for the Mac until just a few months ago, and for me that was a huge setback. Then my graphics card did not work with Mudbox once I got it.

I can’t wait until it is complete but for now— back to writing.

Writing A Book Is More Than Just Writing….

I”m so glad that things are being solved. My graphics card should come fed ex today. I waited most of the day and missed it at 9:05 p.m. yesterday. How that happen when we work and live in the same place? What up with that fed ex? For those who don’t know. I’m trying to write a book about Mudbox. However my graphics card does not work with the new version of Mudbox for the mac. Making it extremely difficult to make my deadlines with the publisher.

I think I am resolving my retopologizing problems. For those of you who don’t know what that means it simply is this. When working in mudbox there is a mesh, that is under the clay that you see when you are sculpting. The mesh has to have an appropriate form. If you think of a window screen the mesh that underlies your piece should have quads and not triangles and be all of similar size. So in other words. If I want to scan a mock up lose clay piece. I will Use the Next Engine Scanner, which I am also reviewing and hope to show how to use in a variety of ways. This is a 3d scanner that can scan my artwork and make it into a digital image that I can then either send for output as shown in the latter part of this you tube video that I created or bring into mudbox. However. The mesh that will come out of this is too tight and may have triangles. I will need to change that mesh so that it can be sculpted upon. This is called retopologizing. My problem is that I have not been able to find a retopologizing tool that is a stand alone tool. I hate for artists to have to go and buy and learn an entire 3d program just to be able to retopologize. So I think I have this finally figured out. I’ll let you know. So I have graphics card, and retopologizing tool, more RAM and I’ll soon be ready to go. It is a good thing because many chapters are due to the publisher at the end of June, and until this point I have not been able to work on the program. Oh sure, I can open it and play around, but then it might flip upside down or backwards, when I am turning the sculpture and studying it, or worse yet. It disappears. All results of a graphics card problem. Never have I sculpted in the traditional studio when a sculpture has disappeared. It feels good to get things together to proceed.