If you have read my blog then you are familiar with this part of the bronze process. After the bronze is cast and the pieces are welded together I am asked to come to the foundry and look at the metal. Marker in hand I go over the piece and look for any blemishes or things that might need a little work, perhaps some clarification. I like to bring the clay bust with me so that I can compare the two. My apprentice came with me and we had a wonderful conversation with Miguel at the foundry. He is always a delight, and then a quick stop over at Ben Woitena’s studio to see how his work is coming along. I especially enjoyed our conversation as we compared figurative sculpting to the type of work that Ben does. Here is a link to see Ben’s work.

After these minor details are taken care of the bronze enters the patina stage and is mounted. Soon this sculpture will be home.

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