A Trip To The Foundry

If you have read my blog then you are familiar with this part of the bronze process. After the bronze is cast and the pieces are welded together I am asked to come to the foundry and look at the metal. Marker in hand I go over the piece and look for any blemishes or things that might need a little work, perhaps some clarification. I like to bring the clay bust with me so that I can compare the two. My apprentice came with me and we had a wonderful conversation with Miguel at the foundry. He is always a delight, and then a quick stop over at Ben Woitena’s studio to see how his work is coming along. I especially enjoyed our conversation as we compared figurative sculpting to the type of work that Ben does. Here is a link to see Ben’s work.

After these minor details are taken care of the bronze enters the patina stage and is mounted. Soon this sculpture will be home.

A New Commission

I am always blessed to create posthumous sculpture. I would like to introduce to you Stan Hockett

The memorial printed and sent to me states-

We are saddened to share the news of the passing of one of the true Heroes of Faith, Stan Hockett. Stan went to be with his precious Saviour on October 24th, 2006, in his home in Manhattan,, Montana. Stan and his wife, Simone, served the Lord in North Dakota from 1962-1995, first with the American Sunday school Union and then founding the organization that became FaHoCha bible Conference.

There will be a memorial service in North Dakota in the spring of 2007. The date and invitation will be printed in this publication at a later time when the details are secure. Stan was one of the most Godly, loving and caring man that you will ever meet, with faith and trust in God that was unmatched. He was a cowboy and a hero through and through. His legacy continues as one of Godliness and lives touched by his ministry. My life (Jay Deckert), just one of the many touches. There would be no greater way to honor Stan and who he was, than by living our lives to serve and love God with our whole heart. He had a saying that went like this, “We will see you again here, there, or in the air.” This time, Stan, it will have to be in the air. May we all meet you there!