A Wonderful Night of Jazz- Celebrating The Birthday of Jazz Player- Harry Sheppard

This past Saturday my entire family went to a wonderful event. The 80th birthday party of my dear friend, and adopted dad, Harry Sheppard. Harry used to have regular birthday bashes, and it had been a while since the last one. It was like homecoming.

When I met Doc Severenson years ago, Harry told me, “Ask him about Heshy and our Europe tour”. Harry has met many people in his musical career.
There was a slide show playing at the party with many of the people Harry has met and worked with over the years. Including Jimmy durante, Sammy Davis Junior, Billy Holiday and Benny Goodman to name a few. Harry is the history of jazz. It was a great night.

I was especially excited because the event took place at massraffs where my son has recently gotten a job in the kitchen learning to be a chef, ( because of Harry). I’m a proud momma. My daughter came in from Tulsa making the night just perfect.

The pictures- I can’t seem to get blogger to take them. I’ll have to post them later!
Me and Harry
Joe Fulgham (drummer) and myself
Bob Chadwick ( the best darn flute player) and myself
Harry playing vibes with his 88 year old brother
The band
Myself, sculptor David Addicks and Harry

Happy Birthday Harry!

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