Add On, Take Off, Add On, Take Off

What I thought I would work on, I have not. I have been jumping around on the sculpture so much it is hard to discuss what I have done, Pulled the left arm back further, worked on the skull, began to indicate hair, love that left ear, back to the hands, changed the back, more poof in sleeves, fixed trim on sleeve, changed trim around the neck, sculpted left arm with left hand attached, about to take left hand off to indicate those tiny little nails. Watched her birthday video over and over, fast forward through picnic, back again. Start video, pause.

All while watching Charlie and the chocolate factory with Jenna.

She is seated up right again, but I am sure she will want to go back and do splits in the air before the night is out.

Apprentice did not show up today, and Sunday we are going to celebrate my sons 19th birthday, so I know I will have to clean the clay out of my nails for part of the day. There is also church. I can only hope that Russo can come in late and help. I’ll post photographs later

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