All Day Out Of The Studio?

I was not sure how I could spend an entire day out of the studio at an all day seminar on software. How could I justify it with deadlines overhead? Still the software is something I have worked on for about 20 years. Wow it sounds strange to say that. I even saw people that I knew from over 20 years ago when I worked in the advertising business. You could tell us from the rest in the bunch because we were the ones with the grey hair sitting in the front of the room because of our poor eye sight!

Some areas of this software I have never worked in because frankly I don’t know how. My fear of the unknown part of software and the frustration of learning- we all know it. So I opted for this free symposium on Quark Xpress. I picked out the clay from under my fingernails and cleaned up headed off to a day of lectures.

Hey the food was great, and it was free and I did learn. i was especially interested in the web tools and quarks interactive designer. I quickly suppressed the urge to learn more about interactive designer when I found out it cost an additional 199. How I will find the opportunity to do something with the rest of the knowledge that I obtained is yet to be seen. That would mean more time away from clay and writing. It was a long day yesterday but I’m back today and it feels good to be back to the studio.

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