An After Thought About Traveling To Vermont, Electrical Outages, And Hurricane IKE

Like many, our home was out of electricity for many days, though I must say not as long as some of the areas of our neighborhood.  But apparently Texas was not the only state with outages from Ike. 

While traveling out on 59 we saw 61 electrical trucks coming in from out of state. It became our car game to count them. Here is the clincher- every state that we drove through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and NY all had power outages. They all felt  Ike! Here is the map of the Ike route and our trip. Now I can see why so many felt it. I went to and found that Cincinnati had 927,000 out of power, Arkansas 200,000, Indiana 200,000, winds were even felt in London, Ontario. For a hurricane that had a width of 275 miles it is no wonder. Each state we went to felt our pain, but they were a little irritated because they sent their trucks to us, not knowing what their state would suffer.

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