An Encore of “Taming The Beast” Presentation

Sunset in New Mexico

I’m in  Sata Fe this week checking the progress on the Grambling State Louisiana Tiger. While here, I presented a lecture called Taming the Beast: 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft. In the lecture I spoke about the creating of the tiger, how 3D technology is advancing, and how artists are using 3D technology in their workflow. The lecture features a modified and very shortened version of what will be in my new book, 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft. Shidoni Foundry hosted the first Santa Fe lecture.

The foundry opened up their mold room for my lecture on Taming the Beast: 3D Technology in Fine Arts and Crafts. After we all went to see a foundry pour and take a look at the beast.

I  gave the second presentation of Taming the Beast at a private gathering at Mary Anne’s Stickler’s home. Mary Anne is my host while in Santa Fe and has opened her lovely home to me.

There has been discussion about doing yet another repeat performance of the lecture while I am here.  I have extended my stay, and I am in town until the 27th. If we can schedule this, I’ll let everyone know the date, place and time – probably through this blog post or Facebook, so feel free to like my Creative Sculpture facebook page, and comment here on this blog post or on Facebook about the best dates for you, and if you would like to attend. We don’t need a big crowd, 8-20 people is fine.

Shidoni Foundri worker sits in the bronze belly of the tiger created by Bridgette Mongeon

I will also state that for those people who have heard the lecture, you might also be interested to note that Shidoni Foundry has regular bronze pours on noon on Saturday. If you have never seen this take place it is breath taking. Here is a video they helped me create when they poured the tiger head. Give them a call to reserve your space,1508 Bishop’s Lodge Rd., Tesuque, New Mexico 87574 (505) 988-8001. You can also request to see the beast.

If enough people are interested, and Shidoni is agreeable, maybe the repeat performance can be done there on Saturday morning, before or after a pour.  Let me know your preferences, I’m also open to another venue if someoone has suggestions.

For future reference, a Santa Fe artist asked if I would come back and do the lecture in Albeququerqe in the Spring, he is organizing it. I’m delighted. If you know of anyone in Albuquerque that might like to be a part of this as either and attendee, sponsor or would like to host, please let me know I’ll pass the information on to him.

I would greatly appreciate your comments. Please feel free to post them below. Please note, if you comment you are giving me permission to use these elsewhere. These comments are very valuable for me because they help others get a feel for a lecture. For example two that I use quite often concerning my Marketing in the Arts workshop state:

“This workshop is a necessity for every practicing artist and student. I commend Ms. Mongeon on the development of such a resource. “
Professor David Hickman University of Houston
Former President-Houston Society of Illustrators

“I left the room with the certainty that if fame and fortune were going tobe mine, it would only occur if I took the bull by the horns, and you showed me not only where the bull was but how to get the horns, as well.

Besides your ebullient enthusiasm, which is highly contagious, you also shared with us lucky attendees really practical steps to getting where we want to go. I left the lecture with a suitcase of ideas.”

Mary Erbert


I would like to thank everyone in Santa Fe for their warm welcome and excitement over my work and my research. if you have attended Taming of the Beast: Using 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft , please feel free to comment here and and include your name and title and location, also let me know what you think about a time , date and place of a repeat performance of the lecture.

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