Angel Talk

The small dvd that Jenna’s mom sent won’t work in my laptop mac. I can see it on the mac in the office even on the accounting computer, but because my lap top mac kind of sucks in the dvd it won’t work. So I am up in the office trying to figure out how to copy it. I want to play it while I am working down in the studio. I keep clicking the DVD trying this and that and get caught up in the watching the DVD.

I have had this thought for a while. Listen to the gurgles and mumblings of babies I would like to think that it is a sort of angel talk. Something that we somehow lose as we grow up and learn real taking. I love listening to Jenna’s angel talk.

I keep stopping and observing, the roundness of her ears… Ah there is a perfect shot of her hand, I was working on her hand… look there is the smile. I have to copy this dvd. I love to watch her squeeze the air with her hands, something that she seems to do a lot. the tights are perfect. Now I know I will get the downstairs computer filled with clay while I pause, start and stop this dvd, but first a way to get it down there.

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