Approval Of The Sculpture Of John Turner

Sculpture process by Texas artist Bridgette Mongeon
Sherrie walks into the studio and sees John for the first time. 

This is the halfway point of this process. I know it feels like we have done a lot with the sculpture already. The milestone comes with the approval. I love when a client comes to the studio and sees a sculpture for the first time.  There was a bit of work that we did on the sculpture of John after this point, and the dog changed considerably, but overall it was a great approval process.  The client was pleased and we are on to the next part of the process.  The mold making of John and his dog.

step by step process of creating a bronze statue
It is a bit to take in. Linda walked out a few times and felt that
John was standing there when she walked back in. 
clay statue approval for Frisco, Texas

This is a sculpture created of John Turner for the city of Frisco. The entire project is documented on a project blog at

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