I believe the passion translates. 

It has been about a month since I physically started sculpting on the piece and just about 7 weeks since we met in Dallas to discuss the project. This is  a miracle.  I’m thankful that God has kept my health, as well as the health of all my interns in check.  Dr. Blackburn and Shannen Smith come to my Houston studio to look over the sculpture.  I’m elated when they tell me I don’t have to change the hair. 

The client looks on like it is surgery.  
If you think cutting ears off is something,
just wait to when we get to
the mold making process. 
A review of the special shoes. 
A look into the “sacred space.” 
Prayers over the piece. We still have a long way to do. 
The client keeps walking around the sculpture, taking it
all in. I’m pleased they are happy.  Then I show them what is hidden in the shoes.

Bridgette Mongeon created this sculpture for Dallas Baptist University. If you would like to read the entire process on the artists project blog for this project visit .

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