Back to Work

After what seems like a very long time, I am back to work. I actually was able to work on Patsy. The process feels so much more inviting and comfortable since I am working on her in the new place. There are still many boxes around but the energy seems good, and that is what is important. I am surprised how much of my own emotional state goes into the clay and seeps into the process.

The offices upstairs need a second coat of paint, Air conditioning units put in and carpeting. With a good days worth of work we could be finished and another day of moving we could be moved in. However, both my husband and I had to get back to work. It was difficult taking almost 4 weeks off. Time to get some money into the household, maybe in the next week we can finish.

Sculpture is everywhere. It is in the front yard, the side yard, the back yard, the den, the living room. Every time I go into the house for something I try to bring something back to the studio. I know it will be weeks before our house is back to normal. In the mean time I have a very wonderful place to work. When I need a break I just take a walk to the pond, or watch the dragonfly’s dance upon the water. Their courtship is continuous.

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