Busted- If Someone Were Creating a Bronze Bust of Your Likeness, How Would You Have Yourself Created?

bronze portrait bust
Dr. Dean by Bridgette Mongeon for Dallas Baptist University
Elisabet Ney – Lady Macbeth From Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0

Sharing a new sculpture that I have created and it made me think of how I would want to be remembered. I recently went to the Elizabet Ney Museum. I saw her last piece she created and I could not help but  wonder, “Is it a portrait of herself?” I would think that if I or someone else were creating a likeness of me. I would like to be portrayed as more mystical/sensual/playful.  I’m not sure how I would capture that, or in what medium. I would want something you had to walk around to see, so that could really try to grasp the emotion and intention.  Then I would hope you would no really be sure, but have to ponder the expression. I might also like the portrait to be a younger me.  I wondered, how would others see themselves?

I received many images from my client.
It is important to have front and side view.

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