New Photographs Of Interactions With Professor Hathaway. I LOVE IT!

These came into my inbox. I get so excited when someone sends me pictures of interactions with my sculpture of Professor Richard Hathaway. How cute are these? If you go to the sculpture you will notice that Dick’s foot has the patination worn off of it. I hear this is because little children like to climb on his foot and ride it. Some how I think that would make Dick smile.

Someone also sent me a video of a dog barking at a statue trying to get the statue to throw the stick. I wish I had one of these with Dick. O.k. Vermonters. Here is the challenge with all of your dogs- a video of your dog with Dick.Many thanks to the person who sent these to me. You made me smile!

Visiting Richard Hathaway In Very Deep Snow

Professor Hathaway outside the college campus

Each time I come up to my graduate residency at Goddard College in Plainfield Vermont I stop by Montpelier to say hello to the Richard Hathaway sculpture. This was the first time there was so much snow. We had to crawl to Richard and when we did Roxi was afraid she would fall in the snow. It was a humorous visit. Each of us took turns taking pictures of the group. I left a snowball, though really wished I could have brought Dick a scarf.

My classmates and I drive in from
Goddard college each residency to visit.
It was hard walking as we were often up to our hips in snow. I laughed so hard.
I’m sure this extended hand has held many things.

It Is Becoming A Tradition

Graduate school is at Goddard, just a short drive from Montpelier. Our tradition continues as we stop and see Richard Hathaway each residency- twice a year. I think that Roxy has a thing for the professor. My word it was cold last winter. I was afraid her lips would stick. I so wanted to sneaker skate on the rink made near the sculpture, but it was too cold. None of my classmates would sneaker skate.

We come to two residencies. Each time we go
out to dinner and go sick Richard Hathaway

An Article About The Unveiling In The Times Argus

Dick Hathaway unveiled

MONTPELIER – A sculpture created in memory of Dick Hathaway will be unveiled on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 5:30 p.m. Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon created a life-size bronze sculpture of Hathaway to be placed on the park bench in front of the fountain on the green at Vermont College of Fine Arts. Hathaway — Prof. Richard Hathaway, as he would almost never allow himself to be called — shocked all his friends when he left this world quickly and quietly the victim of a heart attack at age 71. Hathaway was a rare combination — an outgoing, happy scholar with a burning social conscience; a serious intellectual with a glad heart and a sense that life, even when difficult, was often slightly funny. Hathaway was born in Boston, educated at Bates College and Northwestern University. He taught at Bowdoin and came to Goddard College in Plainfield in 1965. When Goddard downsized, Hathaway moved to Vermont College and later Union Institute, where he became what one colleague described as “the spiritual core of the Adult Degree Program.” In 2004 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Union Institute for his role as a distinguished teacher, scholar, mentor, and civic leader. Hathaway was also a licensed auctioneer who used his talents to benefit many area non-profits. He combined the auctioneer’s street savvy with the eclectic intellect of a trained academic generalist, and the verbal skills of a natural stump orator. He was an intellectual salad bar, stocked with the ingredients of a lifetime of reading, a richly associative mind, and a fast tongue.

The public is invited to the unveiling.
Times Argus article- link no longer available