Celebrating Space Flight-

Digital sketch of the proposed Neil Armstrong sculpture for Russia.

Happy International Day of Human Space Flight- April 12

Some of you may know that I am all about space. I’m especially about space when it concerns this sculpture that has been under negotiation for a while. I have been asked to create a sculpture of Neil Armstrong to go to Russia.  It is on hold until all of the money is raised, but land awaits for the sculpture.

So when I hear that this is International Day of Human Space Flight- I get excited and hope that this sculpture project will one day come to fruition.

I’m happy to hear that the General UN Assembly, in its resolution of April 7, 2011 declared 12 April as the International Day of Human Space Flight
Today- April 10, 2015 there is an event
International Day of Human Space Flight in Houston
Honoring cosmonaut Yuri A. Gagarin and astronaut John Glenn
Where they will be honoring the first Space explorers to orbit the Earth and all of those
who have been going to space for 54 years.
2999 South Wayside Drive
Houston, Texas, 77023
You are cordially invited!
11:00 AM Reception and Refreshments
11:30 AM Honoring Ceremony
Mayor’s office of Houston, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Houston,
astronauts, cosmonauts, Russian-American organizations in Houston

For more information about today’s event contact:
Kindness without Limits: Phone: 281-370-1464; Email: ruhouse2010@aol.com
For more information about the Neil Armstrong fundraising and project:
Check out the United In Space website. 

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