Ceramic Extrusion And Homemade 3D Printer

I had heard it rumored that the home made 3d printer called Rep Rap was adding an extruder so that a ceramic mix could be pushed through the printer. I want to start watching this much closer and look at possibly doing this in my own studio.

I know that several universities have been working with this entire topic. The leading university in this is Solheim research laboratory . They are however using a very expensive machine. They have even made their recipe public, and are supporting and interested in other individuals endeavors into the research of this area.

My curiosity is in being able to use something in my own home studio.

Some posts on a rather new blog called Unfold-fab I am absolutely going to have to watch more closely.
Open3DP is Solheim Additive Manufacturing Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department on the University of Washington campus blog. It describes their progress in ceramic printing in 3d.

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