Coming Together

Pieces coming together.
The clay coated sculpture feels more friendly.

The sculpture has been coming together.  I have put the legs on with my sculpted high heels. I was afraid they would get splattered with clay and foundry wax and so I have given Evelyn some tinfoil slippers. The skirt was shortened, and this means some work will need to be done with the legs, but I have decided to work from the top down.  The entire sculpture is covered with foundry wax and then with clay.  A former student who has come to learn mold making helps me by covering the rest of the sculpture with clay.  When I see the skirt and most of the sweater covered with a thin layer of clay the sculpture becomes more intimate to me. I have only worked on the detail of the blouse adding depth and clay. The foam armature, though very helpful still needs adjusting and I often cut into it, put wax upon the foam opening and then more clay.

You can follow along with this entire process of creating a life size bronze for the ERJCC on the Evelyn Rubenstein project blog located at

Details of blouse

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