Coming Together

There are so many elements to this sculpture. There is the man, the chair, the cushion, the floor, the placement of the hands and arms, and the creases in the chair, the folds in the pants. We keep putting things together and creating and then taking them apart and working on them.

Continuing our work on the Praying Man for Dallas Baptist University. You can find their project blog on Blogspot.

How is the hand placed on the head? How does the arm
interact with the cushion and the mans body?
What is the mood that we are after?These are things
I continue to work out as we progress.
Dear Lord Please help me to bring
Your spirit into this piece. 
I’m pleased with how things are coming. 
After roughing in the foam cushion I can add the bible
and other hand. Now things begin to come together. 
We are just two weeks away from trying to get approval. 

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