Delivering The Praying Man Sculpture

Very overcast as we drive the lovely spring drive from Houston to Dallas. Wildflowers dotted the path as we drove.  

We arrive onto the DBU campus ready to complete the praying man sculpture project. The last few steps are

1. Deliver 2. Install 3. Dedicate
Of course we are not doing the installation or dedication so we can only hope picture of both of these come back to us for the blog. 

I’m always so excited to see the sculpture of Sam Houston by my friend David Adickes.  It says goodbye when we leave
and greets us when we arrive home. 

Also, we are working on a small table top version of the sculpture for purchase. Stay tuned to this blog for more on that. The travel time up to Dallas was nice. Overcast- I prayed the rain would hold off until it was delivered.  It didn’t start raining on us until we got into Dallas.  

Everyone contemplates removing the sculpture.
I have sent a text on ahead and said, “have lots of strong men, gloves and a covered area
to unload.”  Everything is in place when we arrive. 
It is raining and I’m so thankful for a covered area to unload.
Team work and a little prayer. Our burden is light, but the praying man is heavy.
It is estimated to weight about 350-370. 
I explain the process of installation as the sculpture is
covered.  We are on our way back home in no time.
My job is done, until we begin the process of manufacturing
the small sculpture of the praying man. 

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