Entertaining Can Be Exhausting But Fun!

Today I picked up Lucas and Jeanine. I’ll post pictures next week. They both look wonderful! It is so wonderful to have them for the show.

My apprentice, Florencia, helped me flip the Christmas tree today. I think it made her smile. It was fun and was even more fun having someone to put it up with. I’m waiting to put some of the ornaments on it. I want to do that with my daughter. She and used to throw these parties. I know she was only little back then, but she was a terrific hostess even then. I’ll be sure to post lots of photographs of the upside down Christmas party. Until then here are some pictures of Florencia and I trying to figure the tree out. We have it down to a science. hook in ceiling, attach pulley, attach trees stand to tree (the kind that screws in). Yes, I know you don’t really need a tree “stand” because it is on the ceiling. The metal structure just makes securing the tree and hoisting it much easier. Once the tree is hoisted up I tie off the rope. I have never been a girl scout so I don’t know what knots I use. I would call them “bridgette” knots in that I just keep tying them.

The tree skirt on the ceiling hides the contraption at the top. Now that it is hung time to string the lights!

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